An Activity for  Self-Exploration

 A Look Inside

This is an activity that you can do anytime, anywhere. It is meant to help you take a closer look inside yourself. Think of it as a vehicle for gathering more information about yourself and who you are. It can also be used to assimilate the information you have gathered from all of the other self-compassion activities you’ve engaged in earlier.

Ask yourself 20 questions then go and do a little research about yourself to find the answers! You may choose to ask questions that require only yes or no answers, or you may choose questions that require more introspection and lengthier responses. Choose to do this activity several different times if you like. Alternate between questions that require short answers and those that require deeper thought and more research on your part.  Come back to these questions in a few weeks and see if any of your answers have changed in anyway.  Need some help thinking up questions? Try some of these:

Which activity was my favorite one to do? Reflect on all of them. Remember how you felt during each one. Was there one that felt particularly exciting to you? Was there one that made you feel especially at peace? Did any of them help you to discover a new interest? For example in the course of people watching you may have noticed someone, and perhaps that is something that you yourself have never done before and would like to try. Perhaps you enjoyed being on the water and decided to try something related such as canoeing or white water rafting.

What are my favorite colors? Take a box of crayons and color designs on a piece of paper. Fill the whole page with color. Which colors do you find yourself drawn to.  Notice whether or not you have any

particular reactions to a certain color. Does purple make you feel calm and relaxed? Do you think red is vibrant? Does it make you feel energized? Many people use the color red to represent their fury when they are using art as a therapeutic method of expression…what feeling would red represent for you? Some people feel that red is a color of confidence, that it is a color worn by people who are unafraid to take charge. What do you think of this statement?

Do Iconsider myself a cat person or a dog person? If you own pets think about why you like them… do you like your cat’s independence? Do you appreciate your dogs devotion to you? Do you value their unique personalities? If you do not own a pet, would you like to? If so what type of animal would you most like to have as a pet? Why?

Who would I say is my best friend? Why do you consider this person your best friend? Canyou talk to him or her about anything at all? Do you feel you can be yourself with this person? Will this person accept you however you are, however you happen to feel? Do you like the way this person can make you laugh? Can you be playful and silly together? Can you celebrate together and cry together? Can you embark on mischievous adventures together?

Do I like sunny days better than rainy days? What is your first reaction. Some people find rainy days relaxing, where others may find them gloomy. Some people find sunny days uplifting and energizing. Some people have no preference whatsoever. Do you have a preference?