10 Steps To Self-Compassion

Are you ready to tame the critic in your head? Do you want to experience true self-compassion, but just aren’t quite sure how to get there from here? Embark on the journey to self-love!

Be Gentle With Your Pain

Let’s face it, healing from past wounds hurts, and running away from healing just makes it all worse in the long run. When pain from the past gets you down,  check out these ideas for soothing yourself -they’re life savers!

Who Am I Without ED?

When you’ve lived with an eating disorder or food and body obsessions for so long, it can be really hard to know who you are without it. It’s easy for your identity to get completely enmeshed with it. Come try these strategies to figure out who you really are…or use them to recreate yourself!

An Activity For Self-Exploration

Now that you have a bit more compassion for yourself, get to know yourself even better. Try this activity to learn even more about your glorious self!

For The Love Of Myself

Curious about how I was able to find self-compassion and self-love after hating myself so vehemently? This is the story of my journey to self-love written shortly after embracing all parts of myself (and, yes, that’s me in the picture above) How did you do it? I want to know!