A Guide for Parents and Loved Ones

Do you know someone struggling with an eating disorder? A child, spouse or good friend of yours? There are many things that you can do to support recovery without losing your mind! Read on to find out!

Warning Signs and Symptoms

Are you worried that someone you know may have a problem that is a little bigger than dieting? Are you seeing things that concern you, but you aren’t sure how worried you should be? Check out some of the signs and symptoms of the different eating disorders!

Physical & Medical Complications

Are you wondering what the medical and physical risks might be? Are you wondering what you need to be watchful for? Knowledge is power!  Learn about the complications of different eating disorders!


Ever wonder what the numbers are for those dieting and suffering from eating disorders in the US and the world? The numbers might surprise you. Take a look!

Issues with Exercise

Exercise is supposed to be a healthy part of life. But what if exercise starts to work against someone? What if it gets out of control? What if it actually slows down the metabolism? How do you know what role it plays and when someone is in trouble? Knowledge is power!

Do People Really Recover?

Do you wonder if your loved one can get better? Have you heard, “it’s something they’ll always have to live with?” Is that true or not true? Come find out!