Reconnective Healing 

Several years ago I had a transformative experience with energy healing. I was very ill at the time and happened to be reading Eric Pearl’s book The Reconnection. To say that it profoundly impacted me feels like a major understatement. While reading the book I not only felt the energy, but experienced a deep, life changing healing while experimenting with that very energy. I was so astounded by it that I decided to study with Eric Pearl and become a certified Foundational Reconnective Healing Practitioner in order to bring similar healing to others.

What is Reconnective Healing? Reconnective Healing is a return to an optimal state of balance that results from a spectrum of frequencies made up of energy, light and information. It transcends traditional energy healing by moving into an expanded spectrum of light and information. Eric Pearl states, “You can’t really compare the Reconnective Healing (RH) frequencies to “other” frequencies because there aren’t really “other” frequencies. According to what we can best determine from the scientific research results so far, the RH frequency spectrum appears to contain or include all of the known healing frequencies existing to date plus much, much more not seen here before.” One of the exciting aspects of Reconnective Healing is that it has actually been studied and ‘proven’ (if you will). If you’d like to read about the science and research behind Reconnective Healing you can do so here and here.

One of the many things that makes Reconnective Healing unique is that it brings about healings that typically last a lifetime. There is no need for ‘tune-ups.’ Another unique aspect of Reconnective Healing is our inability to direct exactly what the healing will be. People receive the healing that they need most in order to return to optimal balance. Eric Pearl states that “every person’s experience with Reconnective Healing is unique. Often healings are reported in an instant, in just one session. Sometimes it takes a bit longer for a healing to unfold. Your healing may come in the form you anticipate… Or it may come in a form you haven’t even dreamed of, one that the universe has designed specifically for you.”

Healings can come in all forms: physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and everything in between. People report, for example, that the fear that has plagued them throughout their lifetime disappears. Others report physical maladies like painful knees or backs heal almost inexplicably. Still others report results that unfold over a period of time. The best way to prepare for a healing is to proceed in a state of expectancy, without specific expectations or attachment to results.

Eric Pearl notes, “Healings occur in an instant. What takes the time is for the person to decide to accept the healing. If you receive everything you’re looking for by your first, second or third session, it’s time to let go and allow things to unfold on their own. If you don’t notice anything by your third session, Reconnective Healing may not be the appropriate way for you to receive what you’re looking for at that time in your life. Again, you may want to let go and allow whatever might unfold to do so. You may choose to return in three, six, maybe even 18 months. The only time you might consider a few more sessions around the time of your first three is if a new situation arises for you or if you’ve been experiencing clear, recognizable, consistent improvement over the first three visits and it looks as if there’s a little more to go. At that point you might consider a few more sessions. After that, again let go and allow it time to unfold. Reconnective Healing is not about regular visits or “touch-ups.” You do not need “weekly” sessions or to visit a practitioner on an “ongoing” basis. Once you have your session(s), you own your change, your healing, your evolution. It’s yours. No one can take it away from you. Ever.”

​Use it for yourself, family, friends or pets, distance sessions also available.

Reconnective Healing can be done in person or distance. The beauty of energy healing is that you do not need to be physically present for it to be effective. Energy knows no bounds.

Plan 45 min to 1 hour for your visit. If it is in person, you will lie fully clothed, with eyes closed, face up on a massage table. The practitioner moves their hands around you without touching you. If it is a distance session,  you may wish to find a comfortable, quiet spot to relax  in for about 45 minutes. Just close your eyes and rest. It is best to come to the session with no expectations, just relax and observe what happens.

Session Information:

Clothing– Be sure to dress comfortably. Most people prefer loose, comfortable clothing or yoga pants and a shirt. You will lie fully clothed with shoes off, face up on a massage table. Please let me know if you have any difficulty lying on your back, I can accommodate you!

Fragrances-People often report that various fragrances or scents often appear during their sessions. Therefore, it is best to arrive without externally added perfumes, fragrances or scents on your body.

Belts, Jewelry, Coins, Smart Phones-The effectiveness of Reconnective Healing is not impacted by accessories that you may have on your person. Reconnective Healing is a full spectrum of energy, light and information that is impervious to these items As long as you are comfortable, there is no need to remove belts, coins, watches or mobile phones.

State of Mind- The very best thing you can do is simply let go. Just close your eyes and relax. Just be a mindful observer and notice what you sense, feel, see. Notice when you notice something, and notice when you notice nothing. Just be in the experience fully without the attachment to an expectation for a specific outcome. Trust that the healing you are receiving is the one that you need most right now at this time, for that truly is the one you will receive.

Remember to allow approximately one hour for your visit. 15 minutes will be an orientation to the session followed by approximately 30 minutes of experiencing the frequencies. The final 15 minutes is a debriefing. Eric Pearl typically suggests 1 to 3 sessions, noting “And although each session is special, often something particularly special is reported about session number three.”

Eric Pearl and anyone associated with this work, including but not limited to The Reconnection (TM) and Reconnective Healing (R) are neither diagnosing nor treating specific health challenges. You are solely responsible for seeking care and treatment from your own medical treatment team.

Sessions cost $111