Intuitive/Angel Readings & Coaching

My readings are a combination of Angel, Oracle, and Intuitive readings. Because I’ve developed my four clairs, or the four main ways you can receive psychic information, the information I receive comes through multiple channels. I receive information visually, also called clairvoyance which means ‘clear seeing;’ auditory, also known as clairaudience, which means ‘clear hearing;’ physical sensations and emotions, also called clairsentience which means ‘clear feeling;’ and a strong sense of ‘knowing,’ frequently referred to as claircognizance which means ‘clear knowing.’ I connect with and channel the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, Spirit, my guide team and yours. Occasionally deceased loved ones come through to share beautiful messages of their own. I am a conscious channel for Spirit, who reliably come through with incredibly wisdom, love and compassion.

I use a variety of psychic methods to provide you with answers to some of your most pressing questions, and bring you spirit based guidance around the challenges you face in your life. People have found solace, motivation and direction from the messages Spirit delivers to them. Rest assured, there is nothing ominous and absolutely nothing to be afraid of! Readings are always positive and delivered with so much love and compassion. You will be amazed to experience the love the spirit world has for you.  Once you invite Spirit into your life, your life will be forever changed in the best possible way!

Because I believe strongly in empowering others on their healing path, I provide coaching so that you can recognize and receive your own messages directly from spirit. Coaching is one of my favorite things to do! It feels incredible to communicate directly with your guides and loved ones who have crossed over. They have so many different ways of letting us know that we are truly never alone. Readings and coaching can be done over the phone, email, VSee, Skype or Zoom (for groups and parties) and are scheduled in either half-hour or one-hour increments.

Email Readings $45

30 Minute Readings $55

60 Minute Readings $100