Individual Coaching

Are you ready to move from surviving to thriving? Ready to really turn your resilience into brilliance? As your coach, I will challenge and support you in setting and reaching concrete, powerful and meaningful goals for your recovery. We will work together to sharpen and maintain focus allowing you to reap rapid, tangible results. I will provide you with the tools, encouragement, support and structure necessary to catapult your recovery to a whole new level.

Coaching does not look for emotional resolution that you typically find in therapy, rather it focuses on taking guided action to achieve a specified result. If you are struggling with body image, fear foods, have tried to recovery many times and have not realized full recovery yet…if you desire more tools to add to your repertoire including some alternative ones… if you want to make important life changes to support and maintain your recovery, you’ve come to the right place!

Group Coaching

Group coaching connects you with a group of like-minded, passionate people dedicated to their healing. Collaborative discussions give birth to creative solutions and insights that are nearly impossible to arrive at on your own. The momentum that comes from connecting with motivated people on a similar path can catapult your recovery forward in ways you’ve only dreamed of. When it comes to realizing your full potential, the more people in your corner, the better! We will meet weekly, holding each other accountable as we plot a unique path to unparalleled health and healing.

All sessions take place via Zoom, Skype or VSee allowing you to participate from virtually anywhere in the world.