Free Yourself From The Scale

How about ditching your scale?!! You know, that random piece of metal that has been controlling your days for so long. It’s not exactly your friend.  No matter what the scale says when you step on it, it will never be good enough. If your weight is down that fleeting feeling of relief will only fuel urges to use behaviors to get it down even more. If it is up, that will ignite the onslaught of insults that critical voice in your head is so quick to sling at you. There is no number that will ever feel good-and you know this because every time you hit a number, you’ve decided on a different number. So why look? What does the number even mean, anyway? When you think about it, the number doesn’t tell you anything of importance. No one knows how much their brain, bones, liver, kidneys, etc. weigh- so why look?

The scale is just a random  square piece of metal with some glass, screws and washers… not all that much different from your toaster, blender, or lawn mower.  Letting the scale determine how your day is going to go makes about as much sense as walking out to your shed and asking your lawnmower how you should feel. Can you imagine walking up to your lawn mower and asking, “Hey, John Deere, am I going to be happy, sad or angry today?” Sound crazy to you? Yeah, it sounds crazy to me, too.  So throw the damn thing out already! Just get rid of it. Better yet destroy it. Put it in a plastic bag and take a hammer to it!  If you absolutely must keep it,  paint over the readout with a solid color, let it dry and then paint “Just right” on it.

Learning to gauge your health and wellness by how you feel is life changing! Health happens at every size. That isn’t just a slogan, it’s the truth. Learning to be mindful of your strength, stamina, and energy level and then responding to that appropriately with compassion makes all the difference.

Welcome to Freedom!