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Browse information ranging from statistics and available therapies to debunking fad diets and assuming new perspectives. Use it for yourself or share it with others. Be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new!

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Everybody needs tools that work! These cool tools bring you a few tried and true skills that work along with some revolutionary new tools to bring your healing to a whole new level!


One of the biggest challenges in finding freedom from food/weight/body image obsessions, eating disorders and addiction is taming that relentless inner critic and learning to be gentle with yourself. Ready to tame that beast and experience true self-compassion? Read on!

Energy Healing & Readings

Do you feel like something is missing on your journey? Are you ready  to try something a little different? Combining conventional and alternative methods has brought great healing to many people! Come explore and try some of the alternative modalities available to you here!


Coaching examines what is going on right now, identifies the obstacles and challenges you face, and determines a course of action to help you transform and create a life you love. Ready to transform your hopes and dreams into action?

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