Warning Signs and Symptoms

Are you worried that you may have a problem that is a little bigger than dieting but you aren’t sure? Check out some of the signs and symptoms of the different eating disorders here!

Do I Have An Eating Disorder

Are you worried that your food, body, exercise obsession might be a little more than just your being ‘dedicated to a diet?’  Take this short quiz to see where you’re really at!


Ever wonder what the numbers are for those dieting and suffering from eating disorders in the US and the world? The numbers might surprise you. Take a look!

The Pivotal Step in Recovery & Healing

Have you decided that you really do have a problem with food, weight and exercise? Are you ready to really get serious about your healing? Wondering where to start? Take this important first step!

Tackling Fear Foods

Confronting food fears is important whether you are breaking out of the dieting cycle or recovering from an eating disorder.  Are you ready to end the obsessions and rigid rules? Come learn some tips to set yourself free!

Strengthening Your Boundaries

Boundaries help you to control the kind and amount of contact you have with other people. They are a sign that you know who you are and how you want to be treated. If you struggle to set healthy boundaries or find that others don’t respect your boundaries read on!

Freedom From The Scale

That random piece of metal that dictates how you feel every day is not your friend. But you can’t seem to stay off of it. You can’t seem to get out of its grip. Gain some perspective and kick it to the curb once and for all!

Moderation & Thermogenesis

You’ve heard it before, “Everything is fine in moderation.” Is it? How is that true? What is diet induced thermogenesis and how does it let indulge without gaining weight?  Leverage this great information so you can relax and enjoy!!

Your Changing Body

Leaving your food, weight and body obsessions behind often means some body changes. Are you wonder how your body will change? Are you struggling a little with the changes that are taking place? Once again, knowing what to expect makes all the difference in the world. Be prepared and learn to actually enjoy your new freedom!

Emotional Eating

If you eat when you are stressed or upset…or if you are often saying “I’m too upset to eat,” this video is for you! Find out what happens when you’re stressed or upset that leads you to eat or restrict. Most importantly, find out what you can do to end this vicious cycle!