This workshop is appropriate for the beginner through the advanced DBT practitioner. A thorough overview in the beginning will introduce core competencies and assumptions of DBT making beginning practitioners comfortable with the concepts and providing the foundation they need to be successful with the skills presented. More advanced practitioners will appreciate the review coupled with  a  clear  illustration of how to translate it to ED and SUD populations.

The workshop is filled with many tools that practitioners can take away and begin using immediately with their clients in both group and individual settings. DBT Jeopardy, The Recovery Game, Crisis Survival Kits, Coping Banks, Situation Cards, Car Mindfulness and more will be shared and experienced in the workshop itself. Skills specific to each population will also be presented: Wise Mind eating, Urge Surfing, Alternate Rebellion, SOBER Breathing, Burning Bridges, Eliminating Cues to Use, Building Structure and more will be taught.
The user friendly, hands-on focus of this workshop will make every participant feel comfortable using the skills, tools and experiential activities provided. Participants will leave with new worksheets, diary cards, instructions and ideas to grow the DBT component of their clinical toolbox while having fun with an important treatment modality.

**If the webinar inadvertently starts 2 minutes into the presentation, please rewind to the beginning.