Emotional Eating

If you eat when you are stressed or upset…or if you are often saying “I’m too upset to eat,” this video is for you!

Did you know that when you are stressed your body releases endorphins? Endorphins are our body’s natural pain killers. They are produced inside out bodies, hence “endo” as opposed to “exo.” When endorphins are increased cravings for higher fat, sugary foods generally occurs. By eating sugar, you actually further increase endorphins. Although you also experience relief through increased relaxation, the cycle perpetuates itself. Many people find that they eat well beyond the point of satisfaction and then try to restrict their intake to keep their weight stable. But, when you skip a meal (or two or three) you aren’t eliminating hunger. Often hunger will build up to a point where you can’t stave it off any longer an you can end up bingeing.

Did you know that restricting also increases endorphins? Yup, it’s true! That whole cycle up there? The same thing happens when you restrict!

Now some of you may be thinking, “That’s not me, I just don’t eat.” Well, that has it’s own way of distracting you and numbing emotions. But here’s the thing: emotions are important! They give you information that is vital to your well-being. And guess what? Uncomfortable emotions won’t kill you! I promise! They can be hard and it can really suck to not feel happy, but strong emotions also are designed to spur you into action. It is the action that you take that can resolve the situation that is creating the discomfort to begin with. Think about it. Being nervous about a test and not eating doesn’t actually make you do better on the test. Studying for the test, however, is much more likely to help you do well! Along the same lines, if you’re mad at someone, not eating doesn’t do a thing to them. it does, however, hurt you. Using your voice and telling people what you need and want; what you like and don’t like and negotiating is far more likely to be effective than eating or not eating in that situation will be.

Check out the video and learn more!