Professional Consultations

Do you have a case that you would like to talk through? I have been providing consultation, supervision and guidance to professionals for two decades. I have special expertise in differentiating eating disorders from sensory processing disorders as well as adapting treatment for those with sensory issues and spectrum disorders. I am particularly adept at treating co-occuring disorders, substance use disorders and those who self-harm. I assist others in adapting DBT to an experiential model for individual, group and family sessions. I am well-versed in DBT, CBT, ACT, IFS, Solution Focused, Motivation Interviewing, Mindfulness based treatments and blending alternative modalities into conventional treatment plans to maximize recovery outcomes. Tap into my 25+ years of experience in treating eating disorders and book your consultation today! 

Program & Team Consultations and Evaluations

After directing eating disorder programs at the residential, partial hospital and intensive outpatient levels of care and directing a multisite addiction treatment center, I bring a wealth of experience for program development and execution. Whether your goal is to insulate your milieu from unmotivated patients, increase your team’s compassion and patience, boost your team’s skill sets, or develop and deliver cutting edge treatment to maximize recovery outcomes in a group setting, you’ll benefit from our time together. Some of the focal points may be:

  • Differentiating Sensory Processing Disorder from Eating Disorders
  • Adapting group curricula for those with Spectrum Disorders
  • Adapting DBT to an experiential model
  • Treating co-occuring substance use disorders
  • Effectively treating those who self-harm
  • Creating efficient Group Schedules
  • Tracking outcomes
  • Blending alternative and conventional modalities into a comprehensive effective treatment package
  • Managing a mixed milieu