Choosing Life: The Pivotal Step in Healing & Recovery

The first step in recovering from eating disorders and food obsession is simply to choose life. You don’t even have to know how in order to make this choice, but you must affirm, at a very basic level, that you want to live. Think about it: what you’ve been doing doesn’t really allow you to live—it enables you to survive, and sometimes just barely so.

Think back to a recent important event.  Maybe a vacation, graduation party, wedding, or night out with friends. Did you look forward to it? Or were you obsessing about food and calories? Did you laugh and have fun, or were you concentrating on ways to avoid eating or work off what you did allow yourself to eat? Did you talk with other people, or did you carry on an inner dialogue about your weight and worthlessness?

Can you see how it seeps into all aspects of your experience?It distances you from yourself and others, preoccupies your mind, numbs your feelings, ruins your health, and diminishes the quality and meaning of almost everything that you do. What you think you are controlling is really controlling you.

You can do more than just survive in this world; you can live in it. If you are willing to work hard on your recovery, you can transform your life into one that feels rewarding and fulfilling…even amazing! It requires being patient, present, and accepting during all stages of your progress. It also means looking at yourself objectively, and getting to know who you really are. Choosing life means believing that someday—regardless of how long it takes—you will be free.

Even if you’re not completely sure that you want to begin your recovery today, something made you read this— the possibility that things could be different, your hope for a better future, your will to live. Follow that instinct; it comes from your heart. You are the only one who can make this choice. You are the only one who can give yourself a real chance to recover. Find the courage to take this first step… be brave and choose life!

Once you’ve made that choice, then commit to really living it! Get ready for miracles and magic!