Lions and Tigers and Body Changes! Oh My!!

You tamed your ambivalence and dove into recovery with both feet and you’re in it to win it! You’ve been going to treatment, practicing the skills, expanding variety in your meal plan…and then it happens. Your body starts to change. Unleashing a whole new level of ambivalence, anxiety, fear, sadness and anger. You’re just not sure you want to stick with this whole recovery thing.

I get it. I really do. That day when you look down at your thighs and your brain starts short circuiting, screaming, “Why the hell are they touching??!!” in that same maniacal voice as the guy rigging up the lights in 12 Pains of Christmas. And here’s the thing-I know it’s not going to make you feel better to say things like, “Well, I’m not sure thighs aren’t supposed to touch.” So, I’m not going to say that to you. I recall once, while lamenting that my stomach was sticking out, someone rather matter-of-factly pointed out that he wasn’t sure women’s stomachs were supposed to be flat. Frankly, that it did little to allay my monstrous anxiety.

In all seriousness, you deserve to experience what full recovery really feels like. You deserve the unparalleled freedom and joy it brings. But to get there, you have to figure out how to get through all the body changes that come with it. And right this minute, tell ED to pipe down, because I’m not talking about getting fat, blowing up like a balloon or needing to widen all your doors to accommodate your recovery body. Sure, there is a lot to navigate, but it doesn’t mean you are gaining out of control. There is bloating that comes with normalizing eating patterns; there are bowel issues; stomach discomfort, muscle forming—all sorts of things begin to shift and change in your body that are different from what you’ve been used to. So, let’s talk about how to get through it all in one piece so you can really rock your recovery!


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