Angel Healing

Angel Healing connects you directly to your angels.  Using visualizations, meditations, oracle card exercises, and more you will receive inspiration, motivation, encouragement, increased energy, faith and healing in many areas of your life. Your angels are eager to
assist you on your life path, in fact, they are just waiting for you to call upon them to do so! I will also help you to recognize the many ways your angels communicate with you. We will work together to clear your channels so that you can receive your own messages with clarity and confidence.

Can angels really help? Angels are powerful healers. They have the ability to restore your mind, body, and soul back to health no matter what you have going on. Whether it is physical, emotional, situational, energetic or what have you, the angels can offer healing and support.  The Angels are always tuned into your energy and can sense when you are in a life threatening situation, in which case they can intervene. Otherwise they will not interfere with your life unless you ask them to. They are ready to help at any moment and love to help. Nothing is too big or too small for the Angels to take on. Whether it is finding a parking space for you or healing a major illness, they are at the ready.

But, what if the angels don’t like me? Angels love everyone unconditionally. They don’t judge or focus on the minutia of the material world that we live in. They see us all as a Divine beings of light and focus on our potential, not on our “faults.” Angels  only bring love and healing into our lives. You are completely safe with the angels, and you can absolutely trust them. It also doesn’t matter whether you are a believer or not, because the angels support you and believe in you just the same. They know that you have an important life mission and they want to help you with it.

What do people say about working with angels? Those who regularly contact their angels report great improvements in their lives. They feel happier, more peaceful and confident. Perhaps most importantly, once you are in touch with your angels, you’ll know that you are never alone-and that, right there, makes all the difference.

What is an angel healing session like? Angel healing sessions are peaceful and filled with love and inspiration. You will have the opportunity to discuss your situation and any particulars around the healing that you would like. I connect with the angels through a number of psychic channels to bring you the exercises and energy that they transmit just for you. ArchAngel Raphael and ArchAngel Michael, in particular, often come through with a number of soothing and transformative healing practices that bring tremendous relief and comfort.

What does an angel healing session feel like? Most people describe feeling a sense of great peace and love fill their being. Some people report feeling warmth, goosebumps or tingling during healing sessions. Everyone reports feeling the incredible love and comfort from their angels as they move through the visualizations and energy healings. Because everyone is different, each individual’s experience will be different. You can rest assured that you will leave the session with the knowledge that you are not alone and help is only a thought away.

How long are angel healing sessions? The typical session lasts 45-60 minutes and are done in person, teleconferencing or over the phone.